Are commercials just introducing the products innocently ?

In todays modern world , commercials are the most important weapon of the producers and big corporations to make people buy their products . Unfortunately , because of the illusion of commercials , people start to buy what they what they actually do not need . Thereby , people leave their productive side and start to be a complete consumer and consuming what they do not really need to consume in order to carry on their life . Moreover , prdouctors and big corporations never shows the harmful sides of their productions and make those productions completely attractive at the commercials in order to keep this crazy consumption going . Are people really need those products ? This is the general aim of the culture jamming . They are trying to make people aware of this unnecessary consumption . Make people aware of the things people think like they should consume are normally not important for their life . Moreover , they are striving to show people commercials are not innocents , productions that commercials shows are not as attractive as it shown . For instance , they changed the name of brand which is called ”burger king ” to ”murder king ” in order to show people in spite of burger king is very delicious , those foods are really harmful for humans health but this harmful sides of the burger kind is never shown in the commercials .Culture Jamming planning to make people more aware about the commercials , make people immune to the attraction of commercials in order to mitigate this huge consumption as much as possible . Because if this reckless consumption keeps on going , it is going to be very harmful for the world and humanity .murder-king_145191


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