Can you change my mind?

Culture jamming is basically any type of activity that takes already existing images and then tries to combine them with some content. Culture jammers are activists that doing different kinds of movements which are mostly against consumerism. Culture jamming is also a form of subvertising. Subvertiser use images that all have meaning for everyone and they convert those images in to something that actually criticizes and emphasizes the harmful sides of the product. In todays world subvertising is considered as a very successful method to criticize people’s hunger for consumption and how hard people get satisfied with what they have and unstoppable desire to purchase more.

The successful culture jamming is the one that everyone can understand without deeply thinking about that. People claim that this is actually the tough part of it, it is not the easiest job to create something that is both sarcastic, criticizing and also easily understandable by everyone. The aim is not actually to change the world directly but to make people think. To make them think about what they actually need and to tell them they do not need to consume this much and spend their life to work for their unneccasary consumerism desire. The point here is that culture jamming does not directly inform people about this, instead they give submessages and let people find out on their own.


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