Are we really a product?


In the short film which is Culture Jam: Hijacking Commercial Culture points out some issues about advertising and consumerism. Actually, there are two view in this film:  advertisers and culture jammers. Also, sometimes we can see people are not related advertisers or culture jammers are included in this film and they say their response this culture jamming movement. First of all,I will just discuss the view of culture jammers and  I want to talk about how culture jammers do and whether it is effective or not.

In this film, culture jammers do some movements which protest some brands. For example, she goes to the Mcdonalds and she puts some messages which are the product is you, forget poverty, enjoy debt etc. She generally prefers places which people often go and I think it is good thinking. The reason I think that is after people see these words, they begin thinking about “Why product is me, or why would I enjoy my debt.” Maybe, than they share these words your friends and they would begin to search these topics which are about consumerism, advertisements, brands and so forth. Moreover, I would like to the mention Disney brand. This film, Disney is controversial issue and culture jammers think that Disney products just lead more and more consumerism and he gives a talk in Disney market. I think, children are likely to effective more than real people and also this word is said in the film. Disney may be think that if they create cute, pretty products, children are more likely to buy without no worries. On the other hand, after culture jammers talk in the Disney shop, people(two women in the film) wonder about why I buy much more products in this shop, this just serves consumer culture. Conversely, of course there are people which think quite opposite and they say I can decide what I want to buy, who cares culture jammers like that. But if there were no culture jammers, people would not be thinking consumerism and advertisers detrimental effects. I believe, they do good job because people are more alert thanks to them. Even though culture jamming is not very effective in the surface, I think it will be more popular and effective. For instance, they do more movement, they can use TV and they can say what they think about consumerism and too much advertisements.

Finally, in the film she asks really good question: “Why advertising is legal and what is difference between what we are doing and advertisers?” The only difference is advertisers get money from what they are doing. It is very logical question because advertisers put somewhere their brands and culture jammers do the same. Culture jamming should be legal and people should say whatever they think.


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