Culture Jamming

The short film  titled “Culture Jam: Hijacking Commercial Culture” explains the general idea and aim of the culture jamming. According to the film , culture jamming is shocking reaction of crazy consumption around the world which can be revolution in its sense. They are re-designing billboards or commercials and when people saw them on the street, they gotta thing about it. Carly Stasko who is called Media Tigress in the film, was sharing stickers on the billboard or anywhere where a commercial or brand stands. She says that I do not get caught, but people do not like what I am doing. Why is that? The cameraman ask people after she left , and they said ”I am offended from what she did, it is illegal”. However, we have to question that is there something different from what she did and what commercial’s did? Carly also states that ” I am doing the same thing with them, so why is it illegal for me for just the reason that I do not have money?” We all can see that the only difference is power , and power comes from money.

Reverend Billy who is the guy that arrested on the Disney Market, he called everyone to stop shopping and boycotting the Disney. He got arrested, but after he left two women were talking. One of them said ”I am offensive from what he did, I have a right to have shopping  from where I want”. However, the other women were saying ”Oh you offended from him? I offended from Disney had a sweatshop, I really spent a lot of money to Disney I have to reconsider this”.

As we can see, culture jamming is working, it opens someone’s eyes. The aim of these activism can get their goal step by step, I believe that if there were more culture jamming examples, people will have to see more and more , so that they can reconsider everything. These messages and signs or even activities are great opportunity to share the knowledge with people and open their eyes. Billy says ” This is culture jamming” and ”It is time to be rude, it is time to be embarresd” I am asking which is the real crime: opening society’s eyes or manipulating them?


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