Banksy: A Culture Jamming Grafitti Artist

The video called ”Culture Jam: Hijacking Commercial Culture”, refers about how people are addicted to consumption and the goal of culture jamming. This video wants to create awareness about the consumption illness in the world of capitalism with transforming the commercials into interesting and a little bit weird symbols.

Banksy, who is a british street artist, is a well-known member of culture jamming. He also wants to achieve his goal, which is making people aware about the culture jamming. He is well-known with his arts, however he does not show himself. He made his art and gone. Banksy has a very different style of graffiti and he makes you think about his arts. For example, in the picture below, we can see a kid, a man with a suit and a rain with many color. The kid enjoys the rain, however the man wants to protect himself with his umbrella. Banksy wanted to explain that people are missing the beauty of life, while they focused on their work and consumption in the world of capitalism.


In another work of Banksy, there is an activist who has flowers in his hand and want to throw it. In another work of Banksy, there is a soldier who yielded to a little girl and little girl is frisking him. You can see these works below. My favourite work of banksy is the last one. On that one, there is a writing that follow your dreams, however there is a sign of ”cancelled” on that. With these kinds of arts, Banksy wants to emphasize on culture jamming with drawing these differences. In my opinion, this kind of art is very respectful and also a very effective way to make people aware about culture jamming.

Banksy 2

banksy 3

banksy 4


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