In the short film of “Culture Jam: Hijacking Commercial Culture (2001)” the issue of culture jamming is processing with the two perception, one from the artists’ and the other one from the advertisements’. Briefly, culture jamming is a way of expression used by anti-consumerists and this movement’s main goal is standing against the cultural institutions, media, and mainly advertising. As we see in the documentary, these movements’ actors mainly object to the idea of consuming without questioning. Also they state that all around us covered with the ads and this is a violence act applied by the capitalist order and naturally by the companies into us.

As Hegelian dialectic points out that ‘thesis, antithesis, synthesis’ formula, improvement requires the opponent ideas. So we ,human beings, should take serious ‘The Others’ and always try to create free platforms to speak up their ideas. However, as we have seen in the documentary, because of the capitalist order does not allow to people speak up their opinion about the products and ads do not only marketing the products, but also market life styles and opinions, there is not so much chance but manipulate the ads which exposed our brains. This is culture jamming artists idea, and I could not more agree with them. As one of the artist, Carly, says in the documentary ” There is no a button on my tv that I can participate and tell my response. There is no response section on the billboards.”

However culture jamming is not the only way that helping people to express themselves about popular culture artificial. There is also ‘art’ which has been using for the hundred years for standing against the domineering authorities. Artists of underground literature or pop art are the examples of it. Fab Ciraolo is one of them. Chilean-born illustrator Criaolo takes pop-icons, historical people, even superheroes and illustrate them with a modern twist. After he finishes his works, characters still have their significant features but they are transformed present day starts. Of course lots of irony and humor emerge on his works but also all of them include social commentary. His works’ most significant and prominent features are to make people think. They are thought-provokings.

These are some examples of his works.

Fab-Ciraolo-Icons-As-Hipsters-2     Here, there is Jesus wearing like a hipster and giving an advice saying that “The end is near, you better go shopping.” In my opinion, here the artist criticizes the consumption craziness by using a religious character.



Here is mother Teresa with her iPhone and big smiling.


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