Effect of social media on organization

In our modern world social media has grown drastically. Social media became so big that it has a very huge impact in nearly every moment of our lifes. If you compare social media with the traditional media you can see that in the last 5-10 years the users of social media has surpassed the number of newspaper readers and new watchers. Social media’s most popular equipments are twitter, facebook and twitter. The popularization of smart phones have also a remarkable impact on the usage of social media. The adventages of social media are for instance that you can see an important information right after the incident or situation happened. The traditional media had a disadvantage in this subject. You could see the news the day after in newspapers or at the evening of the day via news in TV.

One of the biggest problems which couldn’t be solved with traditional media was the blood donations. After the popularization of facebook and twitter people became more sensible in topics like this. People are now much effective in communicating with each other. You can see in your timeline that a patient needs blood and you can retweet it and shoutout to your followers in just seconds. Twitter has probably saved a lot of lifes with their ease of communication systems. A similar problem to this is lost pets. People communicate with each other and try to find their lost pets. You can share this case easily too.

Traditional media was unable to solve this kind of problems. The effectiveness of social media is massive in cases like those. The growth of social media is going to be even bigger because problems like those can only be solved by people communicatin g with each other quickly


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