Power Of Social Media


In 2013’s summer, Turkey achieved an effective resistance by twitter in Gezi Parkı. Firstly, people  orginazed themselves via Twitter. They decided to when they meetand where they meet to protect the park via Twitter. It is impossible without Twitter because these all people do not know each other and they can not meet as quickly as Twitter. Only in 24 hours a lot of people connect to common purpose that is protection of trees. In the beginning, goverment took a decision to destroy the park because of mall but these crowded protected trees and they stayed in park. They shared their photos in Twitter so other people who have no idea in Gezi park saw the situation like me. I was in my hometown and any Tv channel did not mention about park so I saw the situation in Twitter and I can follow the current news from Twitter. These all are facts because I saw photos directly and I can communicate with my friends who were in there.

In the article , writer defends a social media can not lead to real activism but Gezi parkı is the real activism in Turkey. Furthermore, It is not only just activism but also it is most succesful resistance in Turkey in last decade. We can say success comes from Twitter because resistance builds on Twitter in Gezi park. Only in 3 days, Thousands of people came to park because they saw news in Twitter.

Our resistance impact the other countries and they sent us a support message via Twitter because it is used all the world. How can we claim that Twitter has not a power ?

If this resistance did without Twitter, Gezi parkı does not exist no longer but now, we can see all trees in the park and this is a proof to accept to power of social media.




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