From Tahrir Square to Gezi Park


During the Gezi Park uprising, people were using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram actively to share things they had witnessed. They wanted to show the reality which Turkish media masked. Social media was the only environment people shared, discussed, communicated. During that time I watched a video that shows how important social media during uprising. A former activist of Tahrir Square uprising, posted a video addressed to Gezi Park protestors. He gives advices to Turkish protestors, especially he gives encourage to them. It was important to meet someone who had lived the same things as Gezi Park protestors did.

During that time, that people couldn’t even communicate easily with a friend in Istanbul, they communicated with a person in Egypt who had passed these difficult times. How is it possible to do that without social media?

Malcolm Gladwell says in his article “Small Change, Why the Revolution will not be Tweeted” that the activism in social media doesn’t change anything. But if these activities in social media don’t mean anything, why governments prohibit using Twitter or/and Facebook during uprisings?


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