Power of Media

Manipulation is the most powerful skill of government. State deal out all economical sources with biddings. It is known fact that main current media is administered by business barometers who need biddings. In this situation we can not have an expectation for independent news from main current media. Financial relationship between government and business barometers shows us that main current media is manipulation weapon of government. However public is not a stacks of people. Because of that we have social media. In the class, power of social media was discussed. I believe that social media is an instrument of revolution, it is not a main weapon. Riots and civil wars began on eighteen December 2010 in Arab area. Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq, Morocco and Sudan met with violence. We can simply think that Arab countries are democratically undeveloped countries. Nearly all of them are ruled by military dictatorship. How can they organize their riot. In this situation, we can understand the importance of social media for organization. Information needs is a fact but how about press freedom. If we look at the newspaper today we can see news about Galatasaray-Juventus and magazine news. No more important news would be in the newspaper for example budget proposal in TBMM because government does not want to share this information with public. I know something about budget proposal with help of social media. Social media is the main information source in Turkey because of that I think that revolution will be tweet by people. There is so many technical details about revolution because it is not as easy as going to streets or attending a protest. However how can we ignore the importance of social media in this circumstance?



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