Try to spread out.

Malcolm Gladwell, in his article “Small Change:  Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted,” argues that activists should not use social media for a real wide activism because he claims that social media is not a very efficient way to do it.  Although, it is considered a way to make an activism on a small scale compared to traditional forms of activism.

I do not quite agree with Gladwell because we have seen some great examples in the past how social media creates a huge world-wide activism, even though they might me a small percent age. Mostly the activist, whoever wants to spread their movement throughout the world use social media because it is the easiest way to contact a great amount of people around the world.

I am going to illustrate an example that showed up just today when I was at the football match of Galatasaray against Juventus. During the game, a group of activists and members of Greenpeace, which is an independent environmental organization. Their purpose was to stop process of Gazprom’s drilling attempts in order to protect Arctic. They just opened a placard at the stands with a sign “Kick Gazprom Out of The Arctic.” They shared this picture on their own websites and some social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook and got known worldwide with hash tags on Twitter.


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