The Role of Social Media in Activism for LGBT

2013 Gay Pride Istanbul

2013 Gay Pride Istanbul

We all use social media in our daily lives. You refresh your Facebook page, tweet when you are bored, share even what you are eating on Instagram. How can we deny the role of social media in our lives? Actually, we can’t, we have started to live in a cyber world and also share our ideas there, create our own community and use sometimes social media for activism. However social media activism is more common for some people-outsiders of the community or the people who are prejudged because of their identity religion etc.- like LGBT. Before there was the social media or lets say before it didn’t capture our lives, how many of Turks know about the Gay Pride? The first Gay Pride in Istanbul was in 2003 and guess what, only 30 people attented. However this year, in 2013, almost 10000 people joined the pride. There are of course some political reasons for the immense increase in the attendence, but one of the reasons is social media: Facebook, hashtags on Twitter and photos on Instagram. LGBT communities create events on Facebook, announce their activities or create pages to reach LGBT or people who are siblings or friends with them to explain the unknown about them, help people to explore the concept by sharing movies, blogs or organizing meetings or protests.They also have Twitter accounts and they can create hashtags, make it Trending Topic and take attention. One of the best examples was during the Gezi Protests in Turkey they made the hashtag #direnayol -ayol is a “faggy” or “feminine” word thats why its funny-  very popular. At some point the “low risk activism” turns to “high risk activism” for LGBT when they attend to meetings or protests. But LGBT people are a huge number, however with social media, somehow they had the chance the fight with homophobia, they had the chance to raise their voice to their family, friends and to society and haters. Maybe it’s just the beginning and there should required more time to ease the problems, but with the social media it cannot be denied it gets more easier.

Some past events on Kaos GL, a magazine and a organization

Some past events on Kaos GL, a magazine and a organization

If you have homophobia and you cant show emphaty to your LGBT friend or relative visit

If you want to learn more about LGBT, you can like the Facebook pages, or visit the website. One I like most is and for the Facebook page



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