Social Media and Activism


As Heraclitus states, ‘You could not step twice into the same river’. It is a good expression about the change of both human and the world.There is a huge difference between 10 years ago and now. Our communication is changed with the increase of the usage of technology. Malcolm Gladwell argues in his article ‘Small Change: Why the revolution will not be tweeted’  that social media like Facebook and Twitter can not be successful in social activism. If you want to make a huge change in society you have to find strong tied friends.Suppose that you have got 800 friend in your Facebook but how many of them is your real friend? Maybe 10 or 15 the rest of it is your acquaintances .It is true that you can reach every people in the world with a one click, the news will reach more faster but you can not affect all of them. However this is not true for all situations. Like Gezi Parkı, the media in Turkey prefer to show documentary about penguins during the protests in Taksim instead of showing people in Gezi Parkı. People learned protests from social media. For me social media is a good tool in spreading news but it is not strong enough to make a change.


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