30 Rock

30 Rock is a TV series which was created by Tina Fey. The show is about a head- writer who has to deal with his lazy and looser crew, and her two idiot actor and actress Tracy Jordan and Jenna Maroney. Also she has to deal with her control maniac boss. Fey uses lots of stereotypes that have been used in Hollywood films. However, she is doing this in a different way. She is making fun of these stereotypes. You can see that each character has exaggerated identities and behaviors. One of them is Tracy Jordan, who is an Afro- American star of TGS. Tracy was written as a unpredictable guy. He never memorizes his sketches. He is always late to work. His speeches always contain sexuality. In unpredictable times the vocabulary that he uses and the talent that help him to answer hard question make him successful to surprise people around him. He has got two close friends ( also his bodyguards), without them Tracy can not do anything. He even can not find his home. He always argue with the other Afro- American character Toofer  who thinks that Tracy is making a bad image about Afro-American people.  All in all, Hollywood loves to draw wrong images about non- American people. However, a skeptical person can easily separate the real and  the fiction.


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