Social Activism

In the article “ Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted” Malcolm Gladwell argues that activism on social media can not create real changes in society. He supports the old style activism which requires strong-tie friendships and taking high-risk by protesting actually in streets. He sees this type of activism as real activism on the other hand he sees the social activism as a easy and inefficient way to protest some things. I agree to Malcolm at some points but we should accept that today we are leaving in a technological era; we learn everything from internet, from social media even though sometimes those information can be wrong. Social activism is a good way to spread some opinions, as people have lots of friends in social media an event or an opinion can be heard and shared by millions of people in a very short time. Even social activism increases enormously the participation I think its affect is temporary and can’t create huge changes in society. Despite its temporary affect we can’t totally ignore its power. Social activism can help people from all around world to learn information about what is going on in the world and more importantly it can help to organize protest and inform people about these protests. Gezi parkı protest in Turkey was a good example to show the power of the social activism. People learned the news about protests from social media and participated to protests  according to the calls from social media but in continuing days people protested in streets and occupied the park. So social media has a important role in activism but it is not efficient. At the end people have to go out to show their opinions, determination to change some things.SocialMediaRevolution1


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