Revolution will be tweeted. By whom?

Ideas can change the world and change can occur with many ways. Internet allows us the spread ideas instantly. Shared and spread ideas can be heard by many people and effect their world view. But change is different than revolution. Revolution is a big word to swallow and it requires a radical change which influences masses. People thought that revolution will not be televised because of the corruption in the mass media. Gladwell says that it won`t be tweeted either. He gives good arguments about why his statement is true. He especially states that hierarchy and strong bond (face to face interaction) are crucial for an activist group to be able to make revolution.  I personally agree with Gladwell because if you don`t know your companions, information contamination or misleading the act is inevitable.

A strange event happened in China which approves this view. Known as a ‘Elude de cat’ case, the event occured in 2009. A young man died in prison under police custody. Government announced that the young man died while he was playing hide and seek with other prisoners and banged his head to the wall, accidentally! People did not satisfied with this answer and stared to write blog posts, tweets and face book statues about this incident. A popular Chinese internet site ( received 35.000 comments in an hour. As usual a censorship was expected by people. But instead government reached out some influential bloggers and proposed them to be cyber-agents of the government. Hundreds of people applied and four was selected. So, instead of banning the sites or slowing down the internet connection government started to spread their own idea. They stared to control people like internet activists do. So much information can blind people’s eyes. When people started to read controversial scenarios and came across ambivalent evidences, their anger towards the government slowly faded away. Three days later no one was talking about the incident!

You can never know who is behind that keyboard. In Turkey we call internet activists ‘keyboard knights’. It is a funny nickname which sums up the situation. In internet information can be distorted and canalized in professional hands. Governments are aware of this situation and they striking back in their own way. Every movement creates its own anti-movement. When we consider internet activism; if we do not know our companion how can we know our opposition?

As a conclusion, ideas can spread through the internet but clash of the ideas will not result with a solid change. Revolution can only be done practicing those ideas in the real world via real human interaction.


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