/ Is it that easy?

By the enormous increase in the usage of social media as a communication tool and an expression of our lives, many activist movements have been kicked off on web. Most of them were like a spark that is blown out in a blink of an eye. This is mostly related to the speed of the consumption accelerating with the huge amount of information distributed very fast coming through internet users. Such information creates a sudden awareness and a motive to do something but by the new idea received in a short time after, people are distracted and lose their willingness and motive to make a move. People do not have time to interiorize the idea and set a clear goal to struggle for. However many changes need sacrifice and an agenda of actions that are needed to be done to have a significant impact. This is the point that Gladwell states in the article. These social actions are short-lived.  For example, an online tool to carry out campaigns by reaching people from the internet,  provides people with a platform that they can reach thousands of people  to collect signature for a change that they want to see in the world. In the beginning, this website was seen as a wonderful gate to trigger social activism because it was easy to gather people on the project and many people were eager to involve. But in the end, it is seen that most of the campaigns did not reach a satisfying end and did not make a significant real change. Probably, one of the reasons is that no one cares so much about the number of people signed in without getting into the act.  Of course it is a very useful tool to reach people and create awareness, but it is not enough to motivate people to change their behavior or take a risk and do something. It is just an initial step to make people think on the problem. Many changes also require a well-organized plan to be made. However, as there is no authority, there is also no one to decide to what to do next. is very popular still and I think it is going to be used in many social activist movements, but we must be aware of that this is just a beginning step and we need to shoulder responsibility and encourage others to do so in order to have a real change in the world.

Here is the link to check what kind of projects held on and think about how effective they are;


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