Zero Dark Thirty

American movie industry, has always had examples that could be considered as controversial as the way it describes the “others”. Muslim population is one of the most controversial ones for sure, as the way that American society sees Arabs has become a lot more prejudiced. As a quite recent example, the movie called “Zero Dark Thirty”, is about a CIA agent Maya, who is on pursuit of Al-Qeada leader Bin Laden. When we think about this basic explanation of what movie is about, it is actually the fact that the agent Maya’s duty is just for the good. It could be considered so and no one would state the opposite, however the way it is shown in the movie is not the way. Movie is far from being objective and showing the audience how CIA makes the world a better place without hurting anyone innocent and torturing them. The main problem of the movie is that Arab people living in US or Europe are shown as scum of the society and as if they are all terrorists who can not wait to kill all their non-Muslim neighbors.

The main fact about these movies is that, the cause they are fighting for is actually right for almost all people, however the point is that, they generalize a whole society and they blame a whole society just for some people of that kind are mean to them. With this huge misunderstanding and mistake, a islamaphobiac youth has been raised by them that would bring a lot of problems with it.


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