Racism and the City

According to the film Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People by Jeremy Earp and Sut Jhally, another cultures, ethnicity, race or religion which is different from American Culture has a minor role in the movies or T.V shows. There are many examples of this situation in the whole media. One of them is Sex and the City which is very popular T.V serries. It also has a movie as we all know. Sure, Sex and The City didn’t have a minority in any major role in its six-year run, but we know tons of cranky old white hoes in Manhattan that don’t have any friends of color. [1]

The four main characters of the show are beautiful, white American women. Could anyone notice black person who really does something on the show? In one episode, Samantha was dating with a black guy and when he introduces her to his sister the racism starts. His sister was yelling at Samantha and said to her that a white woman can not steal my brother. The show illustrates the angry black women is being racist without no reason, as we all know it represents black people in a bad way. Another stereotype that all movies have is black people are sporty. Miranda was dating a black guy which is called ”Sports Man” supposing that black people can only be succesful at sports. [2] In one episode that I watched, girls were meeting at the Indian restaurant , and they were eating  a dinner. The theme of the restaurant  was designed by exaggerated Indian themes and belly dancers. That was just a restaurant  , but Carrie and her friends were adoring the belly dancers and having jokes about the foods. They were fascinated the theme , but it shows that Indians are always stuck to the culture, but Americans are modern.

Not only the episodes have these kinds of messages, Sex and the City 2 has the best examples. The most insulting words that they used for representing the Asian, Muslim culture are on this movie. They thought that Arabic world is all about desert and exotic places like they were always wearing cultural clothes and they are not modern as Americans. Even when they eat potato chips, Samantha was shocking about that. It is funny when you realize that stuff. The other common stereotype is that they believe that India, Arabia and the other countries in the Middle East are same or similar.  Miranda was saying a word to the waitress ”Haanji” to ask her to get her a meal, she turns to her friends and says ”It means yes”. But Haanji is not an Arabic word , they all suppose that the language is flexible around these countries (Middle East) . The common streotypes like Muslims hate Jews. [3] It is so funny that the movie really humiliates the people who are not like Americans.

This 10 minutes video clip illustrates how Sex and the City 2 humiliates the others :

In this video, the last two clips illustrates the overall point. How the others emulates the American culture and how they were different and behind them.

There are two articles that I found and used as a reference about it which analyzes the same things about Sex and the City : [1] and [2].

[1] http://www.complex.com/pop-culture/2013/05/most-racist-tv-shows/sex-and-the-city

[3] http://www.newstatesman.com/blogs/public-accounts/2010/07/160-sex-city-women-arab-film

[2] http://stuffblackpeoplehate.wordpress.com/tag/sex-the-city/


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