Orientalism and Understanding of East

In the history, there were so many case for cultural exchange between east and west. Crusades, other wars and trade are main intersection between two different culture. However these are not deliberate decisions to cultural exchange. Orientalism was the firs deliberate decisions for exchange. In movie what we watched for class and also information what lecturer said in class describe orientalism as a beginning of stereotype of Arab. I would like to discuss this as an archeology and art history student. European people explored eastern culture and than they thought that European culture is rational, flexible, and superior. However this idea is only about social life. Architecture, clothes, jewelry and also sense of exotic art were imitated by European. The Royal Pavilion is a former royal residence located in England was built in Indo-saracenic style. When you look at the this palace you feel like I am at Indian palace. Chinesischer Turm in Germany was built in Chinese style. Gentile Bellini’ s portrait ” Sultan Mehmet” was enriched by Ottoman figures. In this case we can understand that orientalism was not a judging. It was an imitation activity. Our topic what we discussed in the class was about stereotype of Arab but orientalism did not describe the east in a bad way. In the history of 20. century we can see so many examples of hand by hand European people and Arabs together. WWI is a really good example. Arab people fought with English soldiers against Ottoman.
Orientalism is a kind of intersection not a study to create stereotypes. I believe that being other is more about political situation. Afghanistan and Iraq are different,they are the base of terrorism, they have oil. I think that member of an occupation force care only about oil. North Korea is different economical example for world. Capitalist forces don’ t want a competitor. Because of that when I think about the North Korea, It is like a country of half man half robot’ s country. After 1940, everything would be about creating others, finding an enemy,and manipulating. However I do not believe that orientalism which is the biggest intersection between east and west is the beginning of stereotypes about east.



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