Munich: A courageous look to Israeli and Palastinian conflict

In the history of the Hollywood films we can always see a villain. That villain is usually belongs to a different ethnic group rather than white race. Especially, when we think about Palestinian and Israeli conflict we can clearly see that Hollywood pictures Palestinians as brutal terrorists.  Fortunately this approach toward Palestinians is about the change. I choose a movie to prove that this assumption is not always right.

Munich is mainly about Palestinian- Israeli conflict. The storyline tells us what happened after 1972 Munich Olympics which 11 Israeli athletes captured and killed by a Palestinian terrorist group. An Israeli agent, Avner Kaufman (played by Eric Bana), and some Israeli agents assigned to kill the terrorist group’s high command by the Israel government to get back at them. While film progresses the main character encounters with a Palestinian group and introduces himself as a German fellow. The deadly enemies talk  with each other and in that particular scene we hear the voice from the villainized group. A Palestinian says why they do these attacks. Avner says to him ‘‘You kill Jews and the world feels bad for them, and thinks you are animals.’’ The Palestinian answers ‘’Yeah, but then the world will see how they’ve made us into animals. They will start to ask questions about the conditions in our cages.’’ This brief line surprised so many people in the film industry after the film was aired. The director of the film (Steven Spielberg) greeted by so many people because of this ‘courageous and conscience act’.


Overall film looked at two sides of the story by defending them both along the movie. I think it was one of the few movies which allow a face off by excluding the third party. Usually films provide a third party’s subjective view which tries to reinforce an idea about Palestinians. An American tries to stop terrorist or he helps to Israeli to overcome a problem about Palestinian terrorist. But this time, at least we can see the humanization of the other. This humanization occurs both ways, we can understand why both sides trying to achieve as a human being. As a conclusion film also gives us the crucial message; nothing can justify killing people. Palestinians killed those athletes for nothing and Israeli agents killed Palestinian group’s leaders for nothing too. Because they were replaced by other people who are more strict and blood thirst. So, peace will never come with blood, peace will come with understanding each other and sharing.


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