Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

In the documentary, Jack Shaheen talks about many Arab stereotypes shown in Hollywood movies. According to his documentary Arabs are shown as violent terrorists, very rich,, stupid,  obsessed with american women but also oppression towards women and also they hate jewish people. Borat is a great example where we can see many of these stereotypes. In the movie, we see the Kazakh television personality Borat’s adventure to the USA. The film, others Borat, Kazakh’s and perhaps people that are not familiar with American culture and the movie shows them as “different” people that needed to be educated.


In the movie, Borat visits USA in order to learn their culture for the profit of Kazakhstan. Although there is no sign of terrorism and many violence in Borat, there is jew hatred. In a clip, Borat sing a song with lyrics “Throw the jew down the well, so my country can be free.” and also when he was offered food from an old couple, which he found out that they were jewish, he acted very suspicious and he got out of the house in a hurry. Also in another scene where he learns about hunting, he mentions about hunting jews. Reinforcing the ideas of Shaheen we can see a jewish hated in Borat also.

The movie also has many part about women. Borat is very critical that women and men has the same rights and often makes comment about it. In a scene about women driving cars he says “letting women drive a car is like letting monkey fly a plane”.  When Borat first sees Pamela Anderson on TV he immediately falls in love and wants to marry her. When he mets Pamlea Anderson, he proposes to her. When she says “no” he says “agreements is not necessary” and tries to kidnap her.

Well I think the movie ridicules people that don’t have much education or who don’t know American culture. The people who don’t know the American ways are not considered as real people and they are shown as a joke. Although it is a comedy genre film, it doesn’t make any good for people that doesn’t know the American or the “normal” way and creates seperatist ideas.


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