Racist Media


Media especially Hollywood loves to vilify a race,a nation or an ethnicity. It makes us believe that there are stereotypical characteristics of many people. Media promotes “the otherness”, underlines the differences. These kind of promotions turn people’s attention to racism. We can now talk about antisemitism, islamophobia, hatred towards African American people etc.

Hollywood stereotypes African American people in various ways.

1) Angry Black Woman

Usage of this image in media is very common. We see black women yelling, fighting all the time. Usually black women in films are forthright, angry and rude. They are always the one who starts the argument.


In this clip we see tough black woman who talks aggressively to the restaurant owner.

2) Burglar,killer etc.

If there is a person in a film who is stealing a car,rubbing a person or attacking to someone, this person should be black! The minute the protagonist enters an African American neighborhood a black guy gets in her/his car and rub the protagonist.

We can see how prejudicial we are towards black men.White guy is the shoplifter but shop owner blames black clients.

3) Magic Negro

Magical Negro is the black character in the movie who rescues the white guy from a difficult situation with his/her wisdom and power. This stereotype is very common; Bruce Almighty, The Shining, The Green Mile, The Legend of Bagger Vance etc.




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