Racist Glee?

Glee-hen-partyGlee is one of the most watched tv program especially in US-but it is popular worldwide too-. I was a fan of Glee when it first came out, although I didn’t watch the last season, I know pretty much about the concept. First, I had never thought that Glee could reinforce  the racism, however it is reinforcing. Maybe you are also a fan of Glee and you may have not realize the discrimination. Lets have a look at the characters. There is a blond girl called Britanny who is extremely dumb but beautiful and of course a cheerleader; a gay character who is –unnecessarily- feminine and chic; black girl who is a obese but has an adorable voice; a Latina called Santana Lopez; Asians who are very geeky and one is called “Asian F“ because of getting –A –as if all of the Asian students have to get A+. Glee is full of cliches actually! These are the main characters, but there are some others that we can observe the stereotypes of the races.  There is a Jew character, and guess his name: its Jacob Ben-Israel! Of course this is not the only thing about him, well his physical appearance is very much alike Jews. He has a big nose, curly hair and white skin just as how a Jewish should be. In addition, there is this exchange Irish guy, his English is totally hard to understand, he is bullied all the time and his physical appearance matches with the typical Irish. However, beyond these race qualities they have a common: They love to sing and dance. So what is the lesson to be learned? Is this show racist or is this show challenges the racism? We may be from different nation or religion but can we come together? Should we evaluate other by their races or identity?



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