My Name is KHAN



My Name is Khan represents the islamophobia in films. Rızvan Khan who has a asperges syndrom is a Muslim boy and he comes to America from middle Muslim town near the his brother. He falls in love with the girl who is Indian and they marry. Her name is Mandira and she has son which goes to primary school.  After the marriage, Mandira and her son take the Rızvan’s surname which is Khan. This situation causes the Mandira’s son because in the school, students fight with the him and they kill him because of his surname that is Muslim name. Then, Mandira break up with Rızvan and she says, İf you can announce the all America I am not a terrorist, I will come to you. Rızvan takes a decision about this and he decides the meet with America’s president. Actually, Mandira says this because she knows Rızvan can not do this. It is impossible but Rızvan assumes that she is serious because of his syndrom because metaphors do not exist in this syndrom. Then, Khan achieves a big task and he meets the Mr. President. He goes to rostrum and he says’ My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist. All television channels make a news about him and Mandira shows him so she comes back him.

Islamophobia is a very commen issue in films but this film, in my opinion, represents the issue in most effective ways such as drama and reality. It is mentions lots of stereotypes about Islam. People who live in America see the all Muslim peoples are terrorist even children and they deserve death. Rızvan Khan represents the peace, love, friendship and ınnocence in this movie. He is a sick but he resist for all stereotypes for Islam, war and terrorism. He has a pain for death child and he thinks nobody is guilty even children who kills his child because he has a hope about breaking down all assumptions and he did this in the film. Director is a objective and he does not support one side. He emphasizes the equality for everyone through Rızvan.


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