Teen Spirit


In Teen Spirit(2011), I feel the distinction between a popular girl and a nerdy one for the very first time.  In the beginning, the  popular girl pops up with her group(of course!). I do not know why popular girl always depicts with a group, maybe it is related to her(popular girl) power and as I remember it is emphasizes that if someone wants to be a popular not only being rich but also being a prom queen in the school.


As we can see the  blonde girl is a popular girl in the school and every girl nearly obeys this girl also her group works for her wellfare, actually they deal with make her do a prom queen. This is a main stereotype in teenage films and there is always a party and luxury things such as outfits and cars all over the school as article which is “High School Confidential: Notes on Teen Movies” written by David Denby.  I noticed that the blonde girl parks her car in “no parking” area, so we can understand they are limitless and they do whatever they want. The other thing is family issues among teenages. Blonde girl’s family neglect her and they are not responsive toward her, however, nerdy girl’s family are very responsive and they struggle for their girls happiness.

In this film, there is an interesting part because the blonde girl was dead. After that, she goes to Heaven or something like that. There is a man in this place and gives her an order about making her (nerdy one) do a popular girl in a week. Actually she has to do this because this is the only way she goes to Earth again. This point, this film tries to challenge some stereotypes but personally and if I look in a general sense this film reinforces the unwritten rules of the teen film genre such as parties, popular blonde girl and her group, family affair, also their leisure times- the only thing blonde girl cares about doing prom queen and her beauty, on the other hand nerdy one thinks being a musician, in a sense she has a purpose.


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