Confused Between The Shining and Falling Stars

In popular culture, teen movies and the criticism on them take up a huge space. In “High School Confidential: Notes on Teen Movies”, David Denby points out the social class differences between teenagers and show up some stereotypes about teen classifications between popular but factious and cruel students and intelligent but geek and nerd students. Teen movies based on these kind of differences are world-wide popular regardless of country and culture. In Turkey, we have lots of teen movies shown on silver screen and also television series that has a plot focusing on the teenage stereotypes.


“Pis Yedili” which means “Foul Septette” is a great example of television series based o teen classification, where we see a group of seven young students, whose school in their neighbourhood has been burned out. A friend of them, who is actually a teacher in a private high school, persuades her money-minded manager to let those desperate youths study in that college with a scholarship. But that high school has a crowd of rich students and battle between them and new scholarship students begins day one. Rich ones despise ‘their new friends’ and fool them wherever they want inside or outside school, whereas new characters of the school hate the rich ones because of their money-minded styles. However, the action gets a little bit funnier when few of them fall in love with each other.


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