Carrie: A Prom Gone Bad

Carrie, the heroine of the movie, plays the role of an underdog that is constantly being mocked and ridiculed by the popular and mischievious girls of the high school. Carrie doesn’t have a sidekick and is all alone in her world except the presence of her telekinetic powers. Her mother is a highly fundementalist person who frequently oppresses her daughter and lectures her on Christianity. But what Carrie wants is to be like the rest of the girls because she doesn’t want to be seen as the weird, nerd character. On the other hand, the popular female clique seems to come apart and one of the popular girls decides to redeem her faults by convincing her boyfriend to invite Carrie to prom so that she can make up for her bitter and unjust attitude towards Carrie.  Carrie accepts this invitation due to the fact that she seeks for an acceptance by the very people who outcasted her from the society. The special humiliation stereotyping is still present in the movie. The truly evil popular girl and her boyfriend plans to throw pig blood on Carrie just at the right time she gets elected as the prom queen along with her handsome and muscular date. But, not everything ends the way it should have. Carrie turns the prom night into a complete massacre through using her telekinetic powers and takes her revenge from everyone who teased her. Overall, Carrie challenges the stereotypes of teen film genre in many ways due to its different plot, characters and ending. “Carrie” is nothing like your typical teen film. carrie-poster-fullbloodybody-full


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