American Pie


Teen movies represent modern youth culture. They transform the vernacular, fashion, and the trajectory of the genre itself. Basically teen movies reflect life style and way of thinking of new generation. However there don’ t call upon everybody. If we browse the IMDB, generally worst scores go to horror movies and then teen movies comes. It would be the result of cultural differences in different countries and also be the result of different individual expectation of youth people. In this case IMDB rating and points would be really helpful. The highest pointed movie is American pie and this movie get 7/10 point(1999). Ji, Oz, Kevin and Finch are four friends who try to finish their virginity before their graduate. Sexual conditions of teenage person is really important for these ages. Sex would be great taboo for the teenage person and this movie using this taboo to reach young people. Kevin’ s father always gives advice to Kevin about sex and women. He is the example of not cool parent. Also blonde girls who has high sexual appearance are part of the movie. American Pie is the simple and most famous example of teen movies. Crazy teens and their abnormal behaviors main topic of movie. Last 50 years economical importance of youth people increased rapidly. Their consumption attract attention of all sector’ s producer like movie production companies. Concept of ”teenage” was created after world war 2 and also so many modern production appear after world war 2. I believe that teen movies part of capitalist idea. Idea which is all about money, capitalism used sense of teenage to make money.




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