17 Again

I am going to tell you about a movie which is called 17 Again. The movie is directed by Burr Steers and the main charaters are portrayed by Zac Efron, Matthew Perry and Leslie Mann. It is a teenage highschool themed movie which does not tell the vintage teenage love/sexual story. The story is about a broke man which could not fulfill his dreams and who is living in the shadow of his good looking and successful years as a teen. Mike O’ Donnell our starring character is unsuccessful in every important subject in life, also his family life as a father is a trainwreck. He is apart from his wife who is the exact opposite of him. O’ Donnell has a daughter who is raised by her mother and she is highly clean and blameless. One day Mike wakes up and suddenly he is the 17 years old version of himself. At first he doesn’t know what to do but the first thing that comes to his mind is to attend his daughters highschool. He wants to protect his daughter by watching out for her but he ends up making friends and eventually gets friends with her daughter who does not recognize her. The daughter Maggie has a boyfriend and they are having a classic highschool relationship. Her boyfriend is the captain of the football team of their highschool. He wants to experience sexual things with Maggie which is realized by her father. Mike starts to give her advices and that her boyfriend is not the right person for her. With time Maggie starts to have romantic feelings against Mike and she also breaks up with her boyfriend. Furthermore Mike gets the chance to get introduced to Maggie’s mother who is also his ex-wife. While he get her daughter to make the right choises he also tries to get back to his former wife. The closer they get with his wife Scarlett, she realizes that Mike is actually her ex-husband. . You can see stereotypes in this movie like all the other American Teenage movies but there are clear differences and also lessons about real life for every teenager. In recent memory we have less and less teenage movies like 17 Again, but I think we need more meaningful movies like this movie.Zac-17-Again-zac-efron-5012242-1280-1024


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