The Princess Diaries


When you watch a teen movie you will recognize the stereotypes from the first scene of the film. The characters and places always the same  with other teenage movies like ‘The Princess Diaries’. The films main character Mia is a girl who has lack of self confidence, unpopular, 15 years old teenage girl. Like the other teen movie characters she has got  a weird, unpopular friend Lily and her brother Michael who has a crush on Mia. Her life changes with the visit of her grandmother, Clarisse Renaldi who is the queen of Genovia. She learns that she is the next heir of Genovian throne. She does not want the throne but the insists of her mother she accepts to take princess lessons. The typical cliche starts in film with these lessons. The ugly, clumsy, unpopular girl turns into a beautiful princess and start to recognize by people. Mia’s secret crush Josh Bryant, the popular athlete break ups with his cheerleader girlfriend and asks a date to Mia. The date day she also has plans with Lily and Michael but she cancels plans and goes to her date. However, their date turns a disaster by Lana, the Josh’s ex, and Mia become aware of how Josh is a idiot. After all these Mia understand her fault and apologizes from Lily and Michael and she invites them to Genovian Independence Day Ball. She announces her acceptance of the throne. At the end she has her first kiss with Michael. The film has got lots of similarities with other teen movies. The typical characters are the idiot but popular athletes, mean but again popular blonde girls.  Smart but invisible main characters who turns a hero at the end of the movie and the main character always has got  weird friends. Maybe the only difference from a teen movie is Mia choose Michael instead of Josh.  Lots of films made up by these characters, we all know the story but we still watch these films because of their message. You may be a looser but you can be a hero.


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