Mean Girls : A Typical Teen Movie

According to Denby’s article, in American teen movies, there are certain themes and stereotypes of characters, which occur mostly in every teen comedy movies. Mean Girls is also a good example for those films. In this movie, there is a character, called Cady, who came new to the high school and know nobody. Lindsay Lohan perform this role as Cady. She make friends from nerds and has no social life as a rule of teen movies. Our main character, Cady, also came from Africa and has never been to school in her life. In the mpvie, there is also crew, which comprise of 3 popular girls of the school as always. Karen (Amanda Seyfried) is the stupid one, one of it is the best friend of the most popular girl. In addition to that, Rachel McAdams as Regina is the most popular girl of the high school, which is a certain stereotyped character of teen movies. She is hot, is always dating with the cool guys and rich. After a while, Cady join that crew and fall in love with Regina’s old boyfriend. Then the war begins. Regina turn back to her old boyfriend, because she has a rule of no losing in everywhere of his life. However, Regina fail and Cady start to date with Regina’s old boyfriend. They kiss first at the party, where all the students there as always. At the end, however, Cady understand that it is not a life for her and be friend again with her old nerd friends.

According to me, these cliches are extremely bad and watching these films are wasting time. Because every single time you know what will happen. If movie makers want to encourage us to watch these films, they should do something different.

mean girls


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