Easy A

Easy A is a 2010 made American teen film that contains some teen movie stereotypes that Denby talks about in her article. In the movie, Olive, the main outsider character, who is not a attention drawer or very popular, lies about losing her virginity to her friend. As her lie spread through the entire school, we see that she becomes the main attention of the entire school. The villain of the movie is Marianne, the leader of a highly conservative teen church group. After hearing the rumor, Marianne and her friends start to harass Olive and claims that she is a bitch. Rather than declining the rumors, Olive decide to accept them and also she gets money from other boys so that they can say that they had sex with Olive. So with this action, Olive manages to increase both her social status and her financial status. But her popularity has become threat to both Marianne and her friends also, Rhiannon, Olive’s friend that spread the rumor. Rhiannon joins Marianne and protests Olive. Also Marianne’s boyfriend, the popular and handsome Micah gets an STD and blames it on Olive. At this point, everyone opposes Olive. We can see that Olive getting very lonely and frustrated by what had happened from a single rumor. There is only one person who doesn’t criticise her, who is  Brandon, the male outsider of the movie. Brandon is a very pure, clever and good kid who sees the goodness in Olive but also a kid that Olive has never realised. In the end of the movie, Olive makes a video, confessing what she has done and apologizes for lying. Makes up with her friend Rhiannon and gets together with Brandon. In this movie we can see a struggle to be more popular in school. But with the popularity, also comes the bad things such as hatred and solitude. In the end we see that the character gives up popularity. He gets together with the good character she never considered before and live happily ever after.

Easy A


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