According to Denby’s article there are stereotyped characters in teen movies like popular, villain girl whom  everybody is afraid of and her male counterpart who is generally muscular and dumb. On the other hand there are outsider characters; the female outsider is intellectual, does not interested in fashion and the male outsider has a dark side. So these kinds of teen movies continue with a very common script with those stereotyped characters and reinforces these kinds of relations and characters in society. One of these kinds of teen movies is Grease which I love despite its given message. Grease is a 1978 musical teen film based on the 1971 musical of the same name. The movie is about two teenager in a high school who are in love and about their lives, friends. In the movie the main characters Danny and Sandy fall in love and with this love we see the stereotyped characters in high school and their relationships. In this movie Danny represents the popular, muscular, bad-boy character while Sandy represents the outsider, intellectual character who is different from other girls and doesn’t dress like other girls. So these completely two different person fall in love as in other teen movies. Also there is a female villain character, Rizzo, who is popular, mean, sarcastic and doesn’t care others. The different thing about this villain character is that in one part of the movie we see the softer side of her, why she acts like that and at the end she becomes friend with Sandy whereas in other teen movies the villain characters generally excluded at the end of the movie. Furthermore the end of the movie is also very common. At the end the outsider female character, Sandy, changes her appearance and attitude to impress Danny. So she accepts the change and become one of them. I think  this movie reinforces the common characters because of its end. We see lots of characters like in this movie and there might be these kind of people in real world that’s why we get used to these kinds of characters and we know those are just stereotypes but the end of the movie says that you should be one of them and you should change yourself to be popular and to be accepted. I think the message at the end strengthens these common characters.grease


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