A Cinderella Story




Sam who is nerd girl in school lost her father in earthquake and she have to live her stepmother with her two girl who are ugly,stupid but rich. Stepmother does not give money to Sam also she forces her to work in their coffee shop. Although Sam work and study, she is still succesful and looks beatiful and well-groomed. Sam has not close friend in school but all workers in shop love her so much. All of these characteristics in Sam based on stereotypes especially which is poor but beatiful.

On the other hand, Austin who is very handsome,populler and rich enters the chat sides and meets with Sam but both of them do not know each other and how he and she looks like. Sam and Austin decides to meet in party but Sam has no clothes for party but thanks to co-workers, she can find a bride-dress for party. When he sees her, Austin is affected her but she have to live early because of her stepmother ,as we know in classical Sinderella story.


The girl of in the middle who is Austin’s ex-girl-friend wants to revenge to Sam because of Austin. She and her  close friends ( as an usual ) proclaim the Sam’s real identity and they thought if Austin learns that Sam is poor, he gives up to love her. These girl look like very awesome and they can buy anythink .They feel very strong and attractive. They match the stereotypes in most teen movies.

In the end, Austin does not give up Sam because Austin’s love is real and it does not related to money. Typically they fall in love each other and other bad characters can not make them separate. Main girl does not change during the movie and she always acts herself. She does not try to seem other girls or act differently. I think overall message is you should be yourself and others should not impact you. If you do this, you can find real love. All of these stuff are related to challenge. You should challenge to be happy.


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