Perfect Day

According to Denby’s article, there are several characters that you always see in teen films. Heroine and hero, male villain and female villain, nerd, and powerless adults are very typical characters. And very often the overall message of a teen film is quite simple: You can change yourself overnight like Cinderella, or Justice and love will conquer all. Let’s pick up one artefact and examine whether it can be applied to the film.

This is one of my favourite films, Legally Blonde. This was popular enough to have a sequel film and a musical play. But for the people who have never watched this film, I’ll link to the IMDb page. You can see the brief storyline here. As you can see from the trailer, the leading female character, “heroine,” has blonde hair. Definitely she is the outcast in this plot. She is outstanding. When she entered Harvard Law School, she found out that how different she is from other students. Of course there exists both male and female villain in the story. Male villain is an ex-boyfriend of the heroine, and has a muscular body and is fairly intelligent. The female villain is a fiancé of the male villain, so she is competing with the heroine for the male villain. There appear a nerd who helps the heroine at a certain point in the film, and adult people who don’t have any authority. So we can find all the essential characters here. In this sense, this film strongly reinforce the status quo of teen film.

And notably this is a super-Cinderella story. At first the heroine was an outcast in the community of Harvard Law School, but after undergoing a lot of stuffs she graduated top of a class. What changed her in a great deal? In my view, interestingly, she doesn’t change herself much. On the contrary, the people around her has changed a lot and become to appreciate her outstanding but unusual personality in the group.

One intriguing point is nobody who appear in Legally Blonde are not teenagers, because this is set in law school. But the scenario and all the characteristics are in line with real teen films. This is the reason why I choose this film this week. I can guess most likely this is designed to aim teenage viewers. But we can see how teen film are dominant in the film industry out of this example.

“Perfect Day” is the theme song of “Legally Blonde.”


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