10 Things I Hate About You

10 Things I Hate About You is the great example of typical teen movies. According to the Denby’s article most teen movies have exact same theme and same characters that illustrates the exact same message.  In this movie we have two sisters who are the main characters, but one of them (Bianca Stratford)  is dumb but beautiful blonde girl that is not surprising at all. Her only concern is the prom and she just wanna date the most popular guy who is the sporty muscular one. On the other side, her sister (“Kat” Stratford)  was opposite of her. She is intelligent and smart, she concerns about her education and prepare herself for the college and of course she does not care about her beauty she is just natural. Her best friends is stereotyped feminist girl and it shows that she is also feminist but not as much as her friend which means she can change. Moreover, the most popular boy (Joey Donner) in school is aggressive dumb and mean as always and he just wanna have fun with the girls does not care much. The geek characters are Cameron James and Michael Eckman who are lame and loser in the school.
The story: Sister’s angry father made a rule for her sisters that one can date when the other girl does. Bianca was angry about that rule and she just wants to date with Joey, however she is afraid that her sister never gonna find a boy. Joes also wants to date with Bianca , and with the help of geeks (Cameron and Michael find a boy for Kat who is Patrick Verona ) Joey and Patrick made a bet to date with Kat. Kat is tought to date, so he tries harder and harder to get the girl. In the end, of course he fell in love with Kat. Everybody wins but Joey, because Cameron wins the Bianca (he loves Bianca from the beginning , he just helps the Joey because of her).
Trailer :
According to Denvy, hero characters are Cameron, Patrick. Patrick is strange outsider but he just becomes the hero of the story. Like in many teenage movies, the outsider boy fall in love with a girl who are Bianca and Cameron. He tries hard and he can  be with her. Bets are always in the teen movies that breaks the girl’s heart once and then boys wins them again. One day Kat was angry and never likeable, in the end of the story she was completely emotional and romantic which can be seen in the poem scene that Kat reads her feelings that 10 things she hates about Patrick . Flexible feelings that Denvy describes  are on this movie for teens. And of course bad characters never win, the good guys and good girls win like Kat and Patrick’s love.  The emotional poem scene:

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