Who Is Your Favorite Soccer Player?

As we all know, if you are an european little boy, football tournaments are one of the expected sport events in your life. Between the streets all of the boys playing football, rename themselves with their favorite football player. Each of them becomes like an hero in their eyes. So is not it an unprizable opportunity for merchandisers? Yes, of course. Maybe it is one of the most risk-free investment of the world. All you need is to market a pack of stickers with the pictures of footballers on it. Children drive crazy to get each of these stickers in order to complete the notebook which is also sold by these merchandisers. Win and win situation.



Another interesting point in this example is the subject of gender difference in toys. It is obvious that the target of merchandisers is male children which creates the debate of sex inequality in toys. At this point, I think that it is acceptable to set male children as targets because the proportion of boys to the girls who are interested in football as a sport is really a huge number. But then again, this situation limits the right of choice for children.

To sum up, if you ask a boy that what his hobbies are, it is much likely that one of his answers will be sport. That is why it is enevitable to except sport from toy marketing.


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