Superman vs Housewife


Why do we have a concept like toys for little girls or toys for boy? In society, gender of a 3 year old child is not necessary information because it changes nothing. However people have some ideas from their prehistoric ancestors. Thousands years ago gender of your baby could be really important for the continuity of the society. Result of the importance of the gender, in some societies women are more important then men. Also opposite of this is more common.  Today we are not living in a world like this but humanity does not get free of ideas about gender. Still man represents power and woman represents house and fertility. Because of that our minds are sexist and we are trying to control it in order to be a modern. Look at the superman and please try to realize his body. He is a walking power and capability. Why is he a male character? Why don’t we have a story about a woman from space who came here to protect us? Of course there are some female heroes but are they as approved as male characters like superman, wolverine, and batman? I don’t think so. Heroes represents power and also man represents power. Because of that male heroes are more popular and persuasive. If we think like that little boy should play with Superman toys because he will represents power in society. Superman is a good role model for him. I don’t want to discuss economical side of the this kind of ideas because it is a well known fact that every successful ideas makes profit for somebody. Society adjudges some ideas, responsibilities and reflexes to us. Acting properly as a man or a woman is the part of this and it begins with our born. Unfortunately choosing a toy for playing is a part of this too.



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