There has always been discriminating stereotypes between boys and girls since they are born until their end of lives. The roles given to male and female that they have to play in their lives have also been shaped by these discriminating stereotypes. From the time someone was born, he/she has to face with the common cliches that have been put on them.

I want to give you an example of these cliches have been put on us since we were born. When my aunt got pregnant about 15 years ago, she used to go to doctor for her monthly testings to make sure nothing was wrong with the baby. When the time comes she and my uncle wanted to know the gender of the child, and doctor told them they were to have a baby girl. And in 90’s I believe some mistakes occur during testings. For weeks after this testing they bought a lot of staff for the baby and they were basically staff that were “suitable for girls”. Almost always they bought things which are pink. And weeks after when my aunt went to doctor for next testing they figured out that there has been a mistake and it was a boy they were about to have. Unsurprisingly they have changes everything they bought from pink to blue.

Are these stereotypes really necessary? Does it really matter which color a little baby’s sleeping sheet? These have always existed and always will and no one will ever have a logical explanation to explain why these discriminating stereotypes exist.


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