Mutation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(TMNT) used to be a cartoon, which we likely watched during our childhood. As we see the picture below, the characters were cute and even if they were ninjas, they have smiley faces. In the picture, we saw that the background is light and the faces of the ninjas are clearly happy.


However, in the banner of the movie, which belongs to TMNT and is going to be coming on cinema in 2014, we can see that the characters have serious faces instead of being happy. Their faces are far from being smiley. In addition to that, we can recognize that their bodies become extremely muscular and they are looking more aggressive, which brings a result of a perception of masculinity. The background is also darker than the cartoon picture. This makes them to look also more aggressive. In the movie the woman character is Megan Fox, which is an actress known with her sexuality, while the woman character in the cartoon was not known as a sexual object.


We could understand that there are absolute differences between these two pictures. As the author mentioned in the article ”What’s Wrong With Cindrella?”, the cartoon characters become more masculine and their body features changed like being more muscular. The perception of masculinity changed in time as we understood from the article and my example.


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