In recent years,  some  toyshops have started to categorize toys according to gender so these shops have divided two sides which is for a side of boys and a side of girls.

Boys side included action figures on the other hand girls side included dolls, barbies and dressing up. This division influce the family members who want to buy toy for their children with negative ways. Parents learned what should they select for their boys or girls as if toys have an exact gender but the shops gave a gender to toys. In doing so, they draw a cetain line between boys and girl toys. If you have a girl, you have to go girls side and select barbie or other dolss because girls can plat with only these and again you have a boy, You have to go boys side and select a car for your boy. You have no chance to buy same product for your boty girl and boy.

As ironically, many of a creative toys are in the boys side as if only boys can improve their skills and the girls need to improve beauty skills. These division impacts the future gender roles in girls and boys and it teachs that girls should do this and boys should do this and it gives a role for genders. Actually these roles are not exact roles for living in society.


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