Being Different or Being Special?


The children are generally curious about everything. Never ending questions are the biggest nightmare of parents. During this curiosity ages of kids, labeling them as a boy or girl, of course can create a lot more questions about their labels. But the question is, are the girls and the boys really different? Are they really want to have different toys and dresses?

Gender informations that are imposed to children are differentiate over time. Today we can say that pink is more girly but in the past this is on the opposite way. These curious kids are trying to learn their roles on the earth. Also, with differentiating them, marketing process uses their performed roles as a profit.

For example this toy, First Builders, is very similar to the lego logic. It helps children to build and create what they want. Imagination is subjective and totally gender independent issue for human being. This toy company, different than Lego’s company uses very ridiculus strategy. Lego is changing the concepts and parts according to gender roles, but First Builders choses to just changing colors. They might be aware of that, every girl can play with boy concept and boy can play girl concept. However, same toy with just the different colors.

This kind of interesting unnecessary discriminations between boys and girls may be just for the kid’s feeling about toy, “it is special for me, not for other gender, just for me.” Even though they are not different, little kids might to feel themselves as special, so accept this inequality.



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