Hello Kitty’s world is just for girls!


hello kity


Like Orenstein argued, toys discriminated among children and also parents. Actually, some parents construct this style. For example, if  a boy wants to wear a princess clothes her mother may consider “It should not be, he should not wear this clothes.” But why? What’s her excuse for  that? I think, children should know every type of toys because this enable them to improve their imagination. As we discuss in lesson, there are some shops which distinguish sharply “boys and girls” toys.  Children have no choice in this situation and they have to go boys or girls category. Moreover, I would like to talk some stereotypes in toys. For example, generally girls are shown like a princess, or they are shown doing home stuff, taking care of their babies. On the other hand, I have never seen such a scene in boys toys. They are generally illustrates hero, have a gun, or playing some fictional games. They should not taking care of baby, or boy must not interest home stuff. These cliches try to construct since they are born like wearing pink for girls and wearing blue for boys.I believe Toysrus did right movement about this situation. In Toysrus, children have freedom to choose whatever they want. This is the way children find themselves and they can decide what they like and what they want.

hello kity2

When I go to Hello Kitty world which is in Bağdat Street  girls are always everywhere. They are like crazy, they do not want to waste any time because they want to see and buy every Hello Kitty things. This is the stereotype in Hello Kitty World because in Hello Kitty world is everywhere pink and Hello Kitty is pretty,cute. This is like unique for girls. As I remember, there are few things for boys like notebook but they are covered with muscular heroes like that.


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