Small Soldiers

“Small Soldiers”, a 1988 movie includes many stereotypes of masculinity and femininity as it tells to the audience that, “real men” are tough, muscular merciless warriors. In the movie a scene which contains both masculinity and femininity stereotypes has caught my attention. In the scene, there are many female dolls that are designed for girls to play with. But the movie clearly shows these dolls as sexy and hot sex objects. The dolls have usually short dresses and make up. While watching the clip, we can easily observe that there is a romantic and seductive song playing and also the showing of a “toy bed” clearly implies that the “innocent” toys are being sexified. In this clip, there are also masculinity stereotypes. We can see the male characters saw the female dolls as nothing but sex objects. The male characters calling the female dolls “bombshell” and “fully poseable” clearly depict how males see females. I think that, not only showing the male toys so muscular, scary and cruel and the female toys being very feminine, sexy and girly are not very good for kids, also the fact that the creators don’t do anything about it and even supporting it is bad because this is a movie that is mainly for child and teenager audiences and they are greatly affected and influenced by the media. A young boy, who watches this movie may feel that a man must muscular, tough, and see women as sex objects. And a young girl that watches movies can feel that she is a sex object and she must be dressed up and and put on make up in order to draw male attention. In conclusion, i think that excessive usage of both masculinity and femininity traits in toys are bad because they can influence the kids and oblige them to be a particular being instead of being themselves.



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