The Secret Outcry of the Girls: ‘Barbie, I hate you!’

Peggy Orenstein mentions that ‘’girls love torturing Barbies in her article’’ called ‘What’s Wrong with Cindirella?’. Actually this is true and this information confirmed by a research which is done by University of Bath. Results says that Barbie evokes feelings such as ”rejection, hatred and violence” in children. Most girls practice physical violence on their Barbies and feel some kind of satisfaction by doing it.But why they hate Barbies so much? When they look at the source of antipathy towards Barbies, they have found that one of the reason for it that Barbie is a feminine icon. So, in the light of this information we can assume that girls unconsciously reject some social norms and gender roles by mutilating a Barbie doll, which is the concrete representation of them. In first look Barbies give messages about body image. Her perfect look and created characteristics are perfectly reflect the social expectations imposed on women. By harming her perfect body parts, cutting her perfect hair child experiences some kind of relief because she is disturbed from the messages that doll gives at the first place.

The second reason for torturing Barbies is ”they have multiple selves”. Which is another crutial point of Peggy Orenstein ‘s arguments ”pressure to be it all”. A variaty of Barbies offers girls a single Barbie with lots of identities; Happy New Year Barbie doll, Holiday Barbie doll… It is basicly one Barbie does all the work. She can do everything at the same time. Because of this, Barbie loses her identity, her sense of uniqueness in the eyes of the children. This conflicting messages perceived by the children as; they can do anything, be any one and do it all at the same time! But as you know that is impossible and when children gain notions of reality they feel dissapointment. This disappointment carries feeling of failure, self-hatred and self incompetence. To dispose these negative feelings they direct their anger towards the outer object which planted the corrupted idea in their mind. So, this guilty enjoyment of torturing Barbies derives from complicated process not just expressing violence toward some object.


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