“Because innocence is sexier than you think”

As time pass by, the market of advertising has found new ways to sell their products.

One of these ways is sexification the products and the images.

As Peggy Orenstein claimed in her article ‘What’s Wrong With Cinderella?’ ,until the mid 1980’s in the children’s market there was not distinctive separation between girl and boy toys. Before that time, toys were unisex and none of them did not help to concretize the sex diversities and did not have any sexual appearance.

However, especially with the 90’s, toys were getting much more ‘develop’ and started to have sexual meanings and expressions and this change have may caused mainly two things. One is make children think on their appearances and sexuality and the other one is change adults perception to sex and children.

We can see the difference at 80’s Candy Land and 2000’s Candy Land at below:


As you see, the character have become more more sexualized, leaner and sassier over time.

But in this article I want to talk about another issue using the child innocence at advertisements.

As Orenstein states in her article the child market is using the term of innocence as sexual purity which is carrying on to child abuse.

To explain this correlation between innocence and sexual purity and child abuse, I want to show two advertisements. First one is from 70’s and the slogan is ‘striking’ !


In this ad, the advertisers marketed cosmetics products by using the pouty-lipped, touchy child image. Personally I find this ad creepy and clearly have allusions to child abuse. Obviously seen that while selling their products, advertisers of this ad wanted to make an impression about sexiness on a child.

The other ad is pretty new.


This photograph and much more appeared on French Vogue January 2011 issue for the brand Cadeaux.

There are 10-15 photographs in that issue and the models’ ages vary between 8 to 12. The message of ‘be thinner and younger’ appears on these photographs frighteningly, and this observation just from a feminist perception. Otherwise in this photographs the concept of ‘sexy little girl’ is disgusting.

Personally, I really don’t get what advertisers are trying to do by using these sexy girl image, but I find these ads harmful for the image of child innocence and may cause to child abuse and pedophilia.


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