Remake of Gossip Girl : Küçük Sırlar

We all  familiar with the popular T.V show which is called Gossip Girl all around US and Europe. This show contains high school teenagers which are extremely popular and rich and the serrie is all about their luxury life and romance. Turkish remake of this is called Küçük Sırlar which was popular when it first shown on TV. I do not know why but it lost its popularity after a while. The serrie’s story is same with the Gossip Girl and the additive rich life. The social classes are distinctly shown with rich popular high school students and the middle class students. Actually this T.V serries do not fit the Turkish culture at all, because we really do not have a teenage girl or boy who is driving a Porsche to go to high school. Of course again the same stories of poor boy falling love with the rich girl is obvious and seen in the Küçük Sırlar, too.  The only way to reach the high standard of rich life is escaping from the middle class like Meriç and Demir who are the characters in the show. Meriç (Jenny Humphery)  is sister of Demir (Danny Humphery) and Demir is in love with Su (Serena van der Woodsen). Meriç is obsessed with fashion and wealthy life, she want to be like Su and her friends. The show represents that all people want to be rich but when they were rich they are annoying unhappy ambitious evil people. The excellent example of that rich character is obviously Ayşegül (Blair Waldorf) who always want to make people’s lives worse and revenge.We can see that unhappy rich people and their broken family life.

In these scene Su is harassed by her father’s friend and Meriç and Demir help her out. The middle class family are bound to each other but wealthy families are apart from each other like Su does.

All around the world the distinct differences between high-class and lower classes can be seen on the T.V serries.


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