Un Gars, Une Fille

Between the Turkish television series about family culture, I firmly believe that “Bir Erkek, Bir Kadın”, which is a originally a french show, has a special importance because of the marital status of main characters. We have only one actor and one actress playing in this show: Zeynep is a classical symbol of Turkish woman with her sentimental sides and Ozan is also a classical symbol of Turkish man with his lust to sports and sexual life. In TV show, we have funny events happened to this couple. But as I mentioned before, what makes this television show special is the marital status of this couple. At first, show was broadcasted at cablecasting and the couple was the lovers who were not married but living in the same house. At that time many people was not aware of this show and the characters were known by few people. With the success of show, producers found a way to make a deal with one of the biggest channel of Turkey, thanks to positive critics in social media like Twitter. In a very short time, show became famous and get watched by so many people around the country. Then suddenly, scenarist decide to marry this couple. Interesting point is that many people believe that the scenario was unmade because of the political pressure applied by RTÜK which is a system of inspection of television shows in Turkey. The main argument of this theory was that the way this couple lives creates a contradiction with the way the Islamic religion suggests. I think that this is important to conclude the pressure of existing political group who have formed a government potency.


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