TV and Illusion

100 years ago your social class was represented by your family name. Today there is so many variant to determine the social class of person. Before the modern capitalist society, trying to role like a member of higher class was nearly impossible. However in modern life just about everything is about your economical level. Basically person’ s economical capacity shows his/her social class. Villager who immigrated to city can be rich in 20 years and his sun can live like a member of high class in society. On the other hand he is not a member of higher class but society accepts his level because of his economical capability. In the television programs, main topic is having money, spending money, relation with man who has money and woman who has no money and rich people’ s life. I can say easily that TV shows and also movies are all about money. Expecting different from capitalist world would be really not logical. As a sad before how much money you have represents your class. TV is all about money. We have at least one common thing between TV and social class. On the TV screens, one thing is really interesting for me that worker families or civil servant families live like a rich families. They have big houses, latest fashion household items and expensive clothes. I think that this is  not a innocent coincidence. If TV program create a world for you like a novel, it would be successful program. If worker family feel like a rich family when they identify their self with characters in program, they would feel happy. In this case TV is the machine for creating a illusion to public  so as to hide the reality. Reality is worker class is poor and they live miserable.



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